Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Leverage large scale data tracking, predictive analysis, and artificial intelligence to make smarter business decisions.
The TechVibrant Way

Leverage in-depth analytics & bespoke AI algorithms to design your future.

When you’re looking to leverage data to maximize customer value, reduce future risks, and chart a path to growth, it is imperative to consume, process, and analyze data that varies with velocity, volume, and variety.

TechVibrant has been a trusted partner for large enterprise companies looking to embed big data analytics into their existing workflows and using the results to drive favorable outcomes for the business.

We work along with you to improve data quality, integration & management, and provide exhaustive business intelligence solutions to empower you to unleash the power of big data. We don’t just talk about artificial intelligence, we implement it for you to see it in action.

Looking for bespoke AI-driven data solutions that actually work? Allow us to share how we can make data magic happen for your business.


Data Acquisition & Management

When you are looking to derive maximum business value out of your data, it is pertinent that you design & develop the entire data ecosystem within your organization.

With clean & exhaustive data you have a solid premise to build a model on.

With TechVibrant’s team of data scientists, data managers, and analysts, you are able to move leaner and faster.

Our DevOps centric approach enables us to offer solutions on:

  1. Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  2. Hybrid (Cloud + On Premise)
  3. On Premise

Covered under enterprise-grade security – Data Security, Access Controls, SSO, 0Auth2 frameworks.

Talk to us to learn how.

Big Data Analytics

Put data science at play to look for insights that can allow you to take informed & smarter business decisions.

With our proprietary artificial intelligence based algorithms, you are able to derive meaning out of large scale cluttered data, faster and better.

Our approach allows you to conduct historical, real-time, and predictive analysis on enterprise scale data.

The flexible methodology allows us to attune to the industry we are working in and we are able to produce bespoke solutions at out-of-the-box rates. Contact us to learn more!

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze real-time data, automate customer interactions, and enable personalization at scale. When AI gets to work on your data, insights are no longer hidden, and are brought out and put to use in making smarter everyday decisions.

TechVibrant’s frameworks are unique, attuned to enterprise requirements, highly enterprise IT friendly, and inherently scalable.

We offer machine learning based:

  1. Data AI – regression algorithms, future value & classification
  2. Predictive Maintenance – specific to machine, equipment, or system
  3. Vision AI – Deep Learning, Object Recognition, Classification, Activity Detection, CNN & DNN

And state-of-the-art libraries. Reach out to us to know more.