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IoT & IIoT Solutions that deliver business outcomes by putting the digital industrial systems at work. Craft your Industry 4.0 winning strategy with us.
The TechVibrant Way

Technology That Enables Industrial Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 Technologies are enabling smart transformation of the industrial value chain improving efficiency and effectiveness of production lines and supply chain, allowing companies to compete at a global scale.

With TechVibrant, you harness the power of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven digitalization solutions that enable large scale sensor based equipment, machines, process and people monitoring systems, allowing you to monitor, control & lifecycle analysis of work pieces, get end-to-end business work flow visibility and make smart data driven decision through a real-time MIS

Our team of experts designs and deploys the finest technology including Sensors & Industrial Smart Meters, RFID tagging & tracking, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, and Computer Vision, that transform into an integrated backbone suitable to your business systems, environment and teams, setting your manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation and energy & utilities value chain for profitability, efficiency, and success.

Are you ready to accelerate your IIoT journey? Let us work together to improve your operational performance & creation of new business models by leveraging the best of Industry 4.0.

Real-Time MIS

MIS requires to be real-time to stay competitive in the modern world. Industry4.0 technologies enable MIS dashboards, alerts & notifications and reports with instant updates and with deep analytics provide intelligent insights and actions. The key benefit of the TechVibrant IIoT solution is its real time information & reporting capabilities giving smart visibility into your business functioning,

With an integrated network of devices consuming & processing data, and providing in-depth reports designed to track your KPIs, our proprietary industrial grade IIoT digital platform lets you take faster and better data-powered decisions.

Learn what’s happening on ground in real time and improvise on processes, methods, & strategy like never before.

Integrated Operations

Smart IT-OT Integration brings standalone systems into the digital footprint. Integrated solutions bring together the Operational technologies, IT Systems like ERP, WMS, TMS and other 3rd party custom applications to build enterprise wide data footprint to deliver a more efficient, scalable, manageable, and secure infrastructure that provides real-time communication with the enterprise’s assets.

TechVibrant’s IIoT Digital Platform enables seamless integration of these systems, analyze data contextually to business work flow bottom up, at a time or gradually over period empowering to be a true digital enterprise.


TechVibrant AI driven algorithms work behind the scenes to automate processes like service and repair support that help increase equipment lifespan through preventative servicing advisory and actions.

Our specialized predictive analytics system predicts and helps prevent or address equipment breakdowns, Production stoppages, fulfillment needs, process and equipment controls tool consumption.

Our team of experts work with you and your team to identify strategic and essential automation needs, build and integrate into your systems.

TechVibrant IIoT Solutions

Industrial Applications

Energy & Utilities

End-to-end visibility, asset performance management, grid optimization, distribution management, smart metering solutions, and more. Bring about the digital transformation in energy & utilities with TechVibrant!


Monitor development cycles, automate production flows, get real-time data and insights, and manage warehouses and inventories with smarter technology at play. Connect with us and learn about our approach to crafting bespoke IIoT solutions for your company.

Supply Chain

Looking for real-time tracking, storage condition monitoring, movement forecasting, contingency planning, and more for bringing efficiency and profitability?

As one of the first industries to get disrupted with IIoT, supply chain has come a long way in its digital transformation journey. Connect with us and learn how we can work together to build smarter supply chain management.

Toll Plaza Applications

Leverage smart artificial intelligence driven vision capabilities to monitor and manage toll booth operations. Use real-time data and analytics to study and improve operational workflows and efficiency. Connect with us to explore a variety of applications for toll booth operations.

Didn't find your industry? We can craft a bespoke solution specific to your requirements.