Engineering & Industrial Services

Digital enterprise solutions for transforming products, processes, plants, & engineering services.
The TechVibrant Way

Take an intangible idea, to prototype, to a finished product.

With TechVibrant you receive full-stack service starting from ideation, product consulting, product & service design, iterations, followed by eventually manufacturing with our hand-picked partner companies. 

We lead the entire process as your sole point of contact and provide a smooth engagement and delivery experience for our clients. We are able to deliver one of the finest engineering & industrial design service experience by combining our software design & development expertise with our partners’ enterprise-grade manufacturing capabilities. 

You would be pleasantly surprised by the TechVibrant pace & work with product prototyping and our overall design process!


New Product Development

In an ever changing competitive business scenario, your company stands differentiated if it is able to constantly innovate and develop and launch new products into the market.

With TechVibrant, you get a trusted partner that spans across the complete product development life cycle, from ideation and design to manufacturing and production.

Fast Prototyping

Automation of development processes and product design are critical parts ensuring overall product success.

With TechVibrant’s fast prototyping, your overall time-to-market is reduced leading to faster responses, feedback cycles, and product improvements. We call this approach – build-measure-learn.

Manufacturing at Scale

With Zen Industries

Established in 1991, Zen Industries is an ISO 9001 component manufacturing and engineering services company. With over a decade of experience in the field of component manufacturing the company delivers high precision products to Fortune 500 companies.

State-of-the-art technology and equipment enable Zen Industries to control the product from design through manufacturing. Automated machining centers turn high precision parts with minute tolerances. The CNC machinery supports manufacturing of precision components.