Chatbots – Best way to offer services to over billion folks

Recently Brad Rollo, CEO Go-For announced their services will be offered through a chatbot on facebook messenger, this got me thinking. I feel that this is a smart move.

Most of the app developers aim to offer some or the other service through their apps, put lot of effort in building the app and only to realize that users don’t install the apps easily, even if they install the app, they drop off at the registration phase as they become reluctant to give away their personal details into an app. As facebook puts it, there is quite a lot of friction before user signs up and uses the service offered to them through the app. It will not suffice to offer app on one platform, the app developer needs to support both the major platforms (iOS and Android). The hassles for the developers are many.

The user experience offered through web and apps is fast becoming thing of the past. The users are ready to move to the next level in human and machine interactions. Siri, Alexa, Google Voice and Cortana are being used very regularly by most users to interact with their favourite devices. The users are moving towards more natural interaction with the machines.
The business which is offering service need not worry about building the slick app and offer many discounts to get users to install and use their services. Most of the platforms such as facebook messenger, Siri, Google Voice, Alexa and Cortana already know who the user is and already have billions of captive users . Packaging the business’s services on top of these existing platforms with little bit of Artificial Intelligence will be greatly beneficial and takes out many frictions before the services is used by the end user.

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